Made in Wales

I have been enjoying a new series of films on BBC2 called Made in Wales

There are six films in the series and each film is written by a Welsh writer, supported by a film production company called It’s My Shout.

It’s My Shout has been nursing artistic talent since 2003. The film-making process begins at the the start of each year, when the company puts an advert out, looking for 10 minute long scripts. Anybody can submit their work, the idea is to encourage people of different ages and backgrounds.

Last year 80 scripts were submitted, giving executives from BBC Wales and It’s My Shout plenty to read. The six successful writers were paired with a BBC scriptwriter, to help them to perfect their script for production days in August.

Production days are busy, with 15 professional crew members, 100 trainee crew members and 100 young actors spread across the six films. The writers work with the directors to finalise details, including costumes and the film location. At the end of filming It’s My Shout holds an annual awards ceremony, to celebrate the completion of each project. Sweet 16 was named as the best film at this year’s ceremony in early November.

This year most of the writers were aged 30 to 40, but the company is expecting entries from young writers for the next year. “There has been a particular interest from students who participated this summer as a member of the crew, and we’re talking to more colleges to try and encourage students to reply,” said Kylie Cornelius-Rees, projects manager.

Last week Media Wales interviewed Leyla Pope who directed Love Struck, the third film to be shown this month. Ali Blowden Jones wrote the script for Lovestruck, which is based on an old Welsh tale called Llyn y Fan Fach. In the original tale a beautiful lady living in a lake marries a young man from Blaen Sawdde, Llanddeusant. There is only one thing he must avoid, he must not strike her three times.

Ali and Leyla’s adaptation takes place in a school playground, placing the story of a young boy in love into a modern context. It captures the awkwardness of a first romance. Some parts are charmingly funny and others, which touch upon issues of bullying and loneliness, have a sadder tone.

The films are ten minutes long and will be available on BBC iPlayer until Dec 20.


4 responses to “Made in Wales

  • Will

    Hi, just a tiny correction, it says all the writers were between 30 – 40 but I wrote King of the Castle (It’s going to be the last one shown) and I’m 22. Well, 21 when writing it…

    • amoore806

      Hi Will, thanks for letting me know. My apologies, I was going on the information I was given. It’s always good to get things right though, I’ll change it to ‘most writers’. Would you be interested in being interviewed for the blog?

      • Will

        Yeah sure, that sounds good. I know I have to leave an email address to post comments, are you able to see that or do I need to send it?

  • Ali Blodwen Jones

    Hi, Thanks for the lovely comments on ‘Love Struck’ am glad you enjoyed and am with Will on the writers being between 30 and 40 I’m 27 (well 26 when I wrote and entered the piece) theres a few of us still clinging on to our twenties.
    Many Thanks

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