Do you use an e-book reader?

I’m hoping to write a feature about digital books, so I’m doing some research.

Tomorrow I’m going to a lecture called Jefferson’s Taper and the Future of Books at Cardiff University. At the lecture Professor Robert Darnton, from Harvard University, will be talking about how books are being affected by digital technology.

If you use an e-book reader please help me by answering this poll. If there’s a reason I haven’t covered please leave a comment to let me know what this is.

I’d also like to know what kind of e-book readers people are using. Are you using a Kindle, an iPad or something else? Again; please leave a comment letting me know, thank you!


6 responses to “Do you use an e-book reader?

  • Adam Care

    I got a Kindle for my birthday six months ago- would never have bought one myself, and thought the novelty might wear off after a while, but I’m still totally in love with it. I’m horribly indecisive when it comes to buying things, so being able to download whole books instantly on a whim is brilliant.

    And it means you can read some utter garbage on the train, without anyone judging you for it.

  • amoore806

    Thanks Adam, that’s really interesting. Do you still read paper books as well as the books on your kindle? Or has having a Kindle changed the way you read and access books completely?

  • Adam Care

    The Kindle’s great for novels, or anything you read completely, start-to-finish, but not so much for reference book. If you need to dip in and out, or refer to specific pages or chapters it’s much easier to use an actual book. There’s also something quite nice about being able to display books on a shelf, that you just don’t get with an E-reader.

  • John Firth

    Too many books, not enough space. Also means I don’t have to scour the shelves/library for something.

  • Jenny Harper

    I didn’t click on a response because too many applied! Yes, light and portable, yes, easy to download, yes free sample chapters etc etc. And yes, I do still read paper books, but would be unlikely to buy one now.

  • Mary

    I have a kindle and love it. I still read paper books as well.

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