Under the Christmas tree

I hope you’ve had a good Christmas. These are the books which were under my Christmas tree, athough I’ll be adding to the collection after I’ve spent some book tokens.

1.Tinker, Tailor, Solider, Spy

I’m hoping to see the film version at some point so I’d better get reading if I want to finish the book first.

2. The Tiger’s Wife

This is Tea Obreht’s first novel which won the Orange Prize this year. At 25 she is the youngest person to have won the prize, that’s pretty impressive.

3. Lucky Jim

I’ve started reading this one already, it’s entertaining and has a dry sense of humour. Jim has just got a job as a medieval history tutor. He tries to hold onto his job by bluffing during discussions with students and pandering to his supervisor Welch.

4. Unreliable Sources

John Simpson is the BBC’s World Affairs Editor and his book is bound to be interesting. It covers a large span of history, from the Boer War up to Tony Blair, including several incidents which have been discussed as part of my course at Cardiff.


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