Blogs on the block

Hooray for the holidays! I’ve finished at Cardiff for Easter and I’m enjoying the start of my last university break. At the end of June after my exams I’m hoping to join the world of work.

Future plans aside, today I had the chance to catch up with my blog and have a   quick peek at what other bloggers are writing. Here are two fantastic blogs which I thought I’d share with you. 

Wear the Old Coat This trendy looking blog is hot off the WordPress after its author Jo left to relaunch and upgrade. It specialises in young adult fiction and includes regular book reviews and guest posts. Jo’s writing is full of personality and enthusiasm for her subject. If you’ve never read this type of fiction before check out her A-Z which has a handy list of books to start with.

Recommended post,  From Cymru with CariadA funny and light-hearted look at what Wales has to offer including film locations, food and rugby stars.

Crawl Space Sarah Hilary’s blog is a must-read for crime fiction fans and writers. Visit it for interviews, book reviews and information on upcoming events in the Bristol area. If you’re a writer you can also join the fun by entering the Flashbang crime writing contest.

Recommended postAuthor Sophie Hannah chooses her favourite thrillers, gives an opinion on crime fiction festivals and shares what it’s like to be on television.


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